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What's Legendary Toolkit?

The new Legendary Toolkit gives you a new way to look at Amazon listings and reduces your research time when sourcing!

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Amazing Feature

With this extension, when you look at any Amazon product page, you'll see all this profitable information near the top of the listing.


Average Sales Info

The item's category, sales rank, and its 90-day average sales rank! A 90-day average price, which may very well be all you need to price your item reasonably, so you don't have to chase the price down on dips!



Restrictions the product might offer you, such as whether or not the item is gated for your account!


Built-in Calculator

Your likely profitability (ROI) when sourcing the item is made so much clearer with the built-in calculator (Merchant Fulfilled and FBA)!


Quick Links to Resources

Links to reviews and links to possible non-Amazon sources of the product!


A Breakdown of All

A breakdown of all the estimated expenses you'll incur if you source the item!


Variation Viewer

The toolkit's variation view shows you prices and numbers of sellers of each variation for those items that have variations (both in-stock and out-of-stock)! You can also see reviews by each variation!


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